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StreetHoodWorld is back with another smoking hot ebony babe, ready to show off all of her hidden skills. We know you like you gals hot and naughty so this one isn’t an exception. The other day she had some problems with her bathroom pipes and had to call her plumber. After a few hours of waiting he finally arrived. But after taking a better look he noticed that he doesn’t have the right tools for the job, so he came the next day as well.

After he finally got the job done it was payment time. Our ebony hottie had in mind another payment idea a service for a service. He fixed her pipes so she thought to take care of his cock and show him how grateful she is. So she took off his pants and started milking his fat cock, but before you know it she ended up with it stuffed in her filthy mouth. She didn’t want to stop until she got all covered with creamy loads of cum all over her pretty face. So don’t miss this hot scene and we’ll be back next time with hotter scene for you guys. Also you can enter big cocked Lexington Steele‘s website and watch some slutty chicks sucking a big fat cock!


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Hey guys! For today we have this slutty babe getting her holes hammered in this amazing scene. She wasn’t feeling too good about herself so she talked with a guy to come to her place and trainer her. She needed some basic exercises to get back in shape but she was working from home and she didn’t want to leave her place and waste so much time on transportation. So she hired this guy to come twice a week and help her train. She found his hot and he had an amazing body to go with it.

She was so horny with all that work she didn’t had the time to go out and meet guys so seeing him all sweaty didn’t help her at all. Luckily he thought the same and after their latest training the black jock started making passes on her. She took him in her bedroom and started riding and blowing his hard cock. If you want to see more fucking scenes for more slutty black teens getting pounded. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more slutty street whores getting fucked in hardcore scenes. Stay tuned!

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Welcome back! For today we brought you another ebony slut getting roughly hammered by one of the guys in the neighborhood. She had a crush for one of the guys she hangs up but she wasn’t too sure how he feels about her. So she tried spending more time with him but with no success. The curvy ebony ended up inviting him over to her place once her room mate left as a last solution.

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