Hardcore Fucking

Sucking and fucking all over the place is all you are going to find in this next updates. These busty MILFS were all alone after their boyfriends left them right on Valentine’s Day. Nice gift right? So they gals were pissed off and looking for the perfect revenge plan to get even with their assholes ex boyfriends. So they thought, what could pissed them off and make them feel exact how they felt? Sleep with their best friends of course. And that wasn’t even the hard part, because two of their buds tried to make a move on them when they were still together with their ex’s. So they grabbed the phone and called them and invited them over for a movie.

The guys brought a bottle of wine and waited to get the gals wasted so they could take advantage of them. But no need, the gals were waiting for them wearing nothing but a big smile. So before you know it all four of them where in the bedroom sucking and fucking all over the place. So don’t miss this insane update! Enjoy it!


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