Fuck Buddies

In this update you’ve got an insane gallery with this wild babe that wanted to try out a threesome with two strangers. She went the last weekend with some friends outside the city to this quite place for some relaxation. Of course they ended up with more people then they initially invited but that was ok. So after they checked in and got settled in their rooms, they went out to visit the area. Only this smoking hot ebony babe and two hunks refused to go in their little trip and ended up staying at the hotel. But while everyone else left they got involved in more interesting activities just like in dark cavern videos. So let’s see what happened.

Ice baby

They ordered some drinks and tried to know each other better and what’s better then a game of truth or dare? So they started asking all kind of questions for normal to sexual ones and everyone at that table knew where things were going. So at the first dare they didn’t want to waste more time and gave her a dare that required a more intimate place. They went upstairs and while she slowly walked on the stairway she drop her clothes one by one. Until she got in the room she was completely naked and ready for action, so they guys didn’t waste a second and started taking turns on stuffing her pussy and filling her filthy mouth with their hard tools. Enjoy it!

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